CMAP120 - Intro to Computer Applications

Spring, 2017

Sample Student Projects

The podcasts listed below were all created for the CMAP120 - Introduction to Computer Applications - classes conducted in the fall semester of 2008 and the spring semester of 2009 at the Germantown campus. These are being posted (with the permission of the students who created them) to serve as a sample of some of the possibilities that can be considered when creating podcasts. These students showed creativity, enthusiasm, and a touch of the craft of storytelling when they designed and created these podcasts. They are not perfect, they are genuine. In considering what you might want to do in your podcasting assignment please do not copy these (I've already seen them once), rather use them as samples of what can be done - and then design your own story for the class.

First Sample Podcast This is a podcast I created as a demonstration of one way to use podcasting. Many faculty will use PowerPoint as a foundation for their lectures, and this is an example where the topic of the lecture is PowerPoint itself. (click on the picture to the left to launch the video.)  
sample student podcast

Word - Formatting and Enhancing a Document

This first samples are about something as simple as formatting text and the document in Word. Although some of the ideas might be review, some are likely new to you. Notice the volume in the first example goes up and down, that seemed to be a common issue with the podcasts.

Podcast 230368
Sample student podcast

Word - Formatting with Special Features

These samples of some more advanced features of Word including tables, SmartArt, and text art. Notice the audio in the first sample turns to static from about 5:25 to almost 8:00 in the movie. Audio seemed to present challenges to many groups.

podcast 330365
Sample student podcast

Excel - Using Functions, Setting Print Options, Tables, and Other File Formats

Here are examples of using functions in Excel to calculate payments on a loan, a look at print options, and an introduction to shapes. Notive the transitions between scenes, this is a good example of changing subjects gracefully.Example two not only demonstrated the formatting capabilities of Excel, but also talked about a favorite sports team.

sample student podcast

It is also possible to present your ideas with software such as Prezi - here are two examples using that software. The first example is about Passion and PowerPoint, and the second example is a short virtual tour of the Germantown Campus.