TECH276 - JavaScript Fundamentals

Instructor Links

Course Information & Tools

Course Syllabus - here is a quick link to the PDF file of the syllabus

Course Calendar - here is a quick link to the course calendar

Class Recordings - here is the link to the Colelge's podcast server with our class recordings

Final Project - here is a description of the final project and the deliverables

JavaScript By Example - website for our book

Web Tools and Tutorials

Brackets - here is a site to download a free and powerful text editor

"Closure Compiler" - a Google tool to minify your code - an online flowcharting software service

JQuery - a way to "write less and do more" with JavaScript - organizes your code, making it easy to read.

JSLint - an error checker (VERY picky!) - an excellent set of training videos that are available to MC students for free

W3 Schools - another excellent site with lots of tutorials and reference material (They have a good reference on the Document Object Model)

Code Academy - here is an excellent site to learn to code

Browser Resources

Google Chrome - here is a link to download Google Chrome

  • To access the Chrome console use the keys CTRL + Shift + J

Safari - here is a link to download the Safari Browser

  • To access the console in Safari you need to enable the developer options
    • Settings -> Preferences -> Advanced -> "Show Develop menu in menu bar"
  • Once the developer options are enabled use the keystroke CTRL + Alt + C

Internet Explorer - you can inspect the console with F12

Browser Object Model - elements of tthe BOM and DOM


Student Links

September 14

Sample Student - - The publishers of Dreamweaver and other amazing web tools.

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September 28


October 12


October 19


October 26