TECH276 - JavaScript Fundamentals

Instructor Links

Course Information & Tools

Course Syllabus - here is a quick link to the PDF file of the syllabus

Course Calendar - here is a quick link to the course calendar

Class Recordings - here is the link to the Colelge's podcast server with our class recordings

Final Project - here is a description of the final project and the deliverables

JavaScript By Example - website for our book

Web Tools and Tutorials

Brackets - here is a site to download a free and powerful text editor

"Closure Compiler" - a Google tool to minify your code - an online flowcharting software service

JQuery - a way to "write less and do more" with JavaScript - organizes your code, making it easy to read.

JSLint - an error checker (VERY picky!) - an excellent set of training videos that are available to MC students for free

W3 Schools - another excellent site with lots of tutorials and reference material (They have a good reference on the Document Object Model)

Code Academy - here is an excellent site to learn to code

Browser Resources

Google Chrome - here is a link to download Google Chrome

  • To access the Chrome console use the keys CTRL + Shift + J

Safari - here is a link to download the Safari Browser

  • To access the console in Safari you need to enable the developer options
    • Settings -> Preferences -> Advanced -> "Show Develop menu in menu bar"
  • Once the developer options are enabled use the keystroke CTRL + Alt + C

Internet Explorer - you can inspect the console with F12

Browser Object Model - elements of the BOM and DOM

Mime Types supported - list of the mime types supported (from the Navigator object)


Student Links

February 08

Sample Student - - The publishers of Dreamweaver and other amazing web tools.

February 15

Raul R. -Khan Academy - In this website your able to learn not only JavaScript, but HTML and CSS as well. And also it gives you a brief description to what is programming itself.

Marcus L. - Highrise - - AN INTERACTIVE DOCUMENTARY. Universe Within reveals the hidden digital lives of highrise residents around the world. Trapped in our highrise units, how do we find ...

Pat A. - - World's Biggest Pac-Man Play The World's Biggest PAC-MAN game online or create your own PAC-MAN maze to make it even bigger. Made for Internet Explorer.

February 22

Joshua F. - - Panera Bread is a Fast Casual Restaurant that specializes on bakery and lunch menus.

Liz W. - - An interactive map showing specific locations with photos, video, and other information about that particular site. Ability to search, filter, and view sites with or without the map feature. 

Ghavuri K. - - HTML Dog has resources for HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The tutorials are divided by skill, making it easier to learn.

March 08

Beth P. - - This easy-to-navigate site offers JavaScript tutorials, starting with the most basic and going up to complex topics. The tutorials are divided into major parts: JavaScript language and working with a browser. Additional topics cover areas like animation and frames and windows.

Kevin M. - - They have very good basic script help, examples and tutorials.

Amber T. -

March 22

Habby W. -  - An awesome coding tutorial website in which you can join your local supportive community of other members and meet weekly.  Also gain experience building a website for a non-profit organization which may lead to a job opportunity.

Angie S.V. - - This website offers tutorials not only in JavaScript, but also in HTML and CSS. This page is ideal for people who want to learn Javascript from the beginning because it explains from basic concepts to  complex concepts. These tutorials teach correct syntax with easy-to-understand examples and notes with points to consider. In addition, the Javascript tutorials are divided into four levels: complete begginers, Javascript guide, intermediate, and advanced.

Michelle L. - - Code Academy, very easy to navigate website with cool effects and animations. This website is also very minimal, simple and clean. 

March 29

Joshua G. - It’s called “The Boat,” and it is an interactive site that tells the story of this Vietnamese refugee using animation, sound, and various things happening as you scroll down the page. It also has apparently won some awards, as well.

Michael M. -

April 05

John T. - It's a an online community forum  of sorts where developers from all over can communicate and help each with any kind of programming questions. Did you want me to deliver the site to you like this through email?

April 19

Kay F. - LEARN JS is an online site.