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web4students - the site where you will be posting your homework and final project - the site for class videos (login required)

MyMC - the student portal to access grades and register for classes

Podcasts - the college podcast server (where I will be posting class recordings)

Custom workspace - a short video reviewing how to create the CA272 workspace in DreamWeaver

Learning Web Design - the companion site to our book

Student Links

February 11

Sample Student - - the authors of such programs as Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop and Illustrator among others. They provide free downloads, training videos, and education discounts for the software.

February 18

Nicholas M. - - I have already taken a look at most and they offer a small insight into the uses of CSS in web design. and of course they are free and a log in is not required.

February 25

Diego A. -

Matthew S. -

Jonothan Y. - - I want to show Amazon's menu technology using this example.

March 4

Aaron D. - This website is an educational set where one can look up online courses for a large range of topics.  The site offers free courses, but also requires you to pay for certain ones.  The website also has an iPhone App so you can take your courses on the go.  Most of the courses are made up of videos, which engages the users.

Yee L. -

William S. - - i chose this website because it uses html creatively. it links turn white when you roll over them then it then fade out when you don't have the mouse over it. when you click the link it fade to black and then fade into the page. if you look at the page source it uses divs like we talked about in class.

March 25

Abel R. -

Jeehyun Y. - - It's easy to find how to use adobe programs.

Desiree C. -

April 1

Uzma A. -

Endalkachew F. -


Links about images - some images royalty free (and some not) - similar to istockphoto but different images - also an abundance of royalty free and rights managed images - scroll odwn right panel to "where to get good images" link - a list of where to find royalty free images


Links about Color - create an entire color scheme based on several color theories and a color wheel - take a look at color schemes designed by other members of the Adobe communimty - the "official" names of 145 colors recognized by the W3C. - an online tool for generating the CSS required to create color gradients.